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High Performance Dispensing technologies

The Beljet concept consists of unique combinations of :

  • Jet dispensing technology
  • High speed valves
  • High viscocity valves
  • Low volume valves

Jet dispensing technology

Solenoid valve dispensing offers the advantage of application within a wide range of various viscocities of solutions, suspensions and gels.
It is suitable for cells and beats and is applicable for all kinds of electrical behaviour of the liquids, even with apolar solvents.
We can deliver up to 0.2 nanolitre volume.

The Beljet concept combines the advantages of solenoid valve and piezoelectric dispensing systems: reliability at extreme small volumes (increased MTBF : Mid Time Before Failure).
We decrease by 100-fold the volumes versus traditional solenoid valve systems.

High Speed valves

High productivity is guaranteed thanks to the use of own propriarity design of 1000Hz high speed valves.

For example we achieved up to 100.000 wells/hour on a 1536 well plate.

High Viscosity valves

Another own propriarity design allows dispensing of very high viscosity up to 500mPa.s.

Ultra Low Volume valves

Depending upon the viscosity of the liquid, drops up to 0.2 nano litre are possible.

Combinations of these technologies with other (standard) products offer unique advantages:

  • applicable in multiple fields (Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical industry, Food industry, and so on )
  • development of customized products

A wide range of specifications requested buy our customers can be answered to develop your personalized solution.