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High Speed Dispenser

The presented version is a live cell dispenser with additional agitation (steerer) and heating system at 37°C
Liquid High Speed Dispenser
The high speed dispenser can be extended with other specific functionalities upon request.
Liquid High Speed Dispenser - Removable head
Removable dispensing head offers a wide range of liquid viscosities.
Liquid High Speed Dispenser - 3D Printhead
Multiple valves can be integrated into one head to increase productivity.

This unique machine is developed to fi ll a gap in the market of dispensing machines.

By addition of numerous of non standard controls we reach a higher level of accuracy (temperature, air pressure....)

The print on the fly method and high frequency valves allows us to fill a 1536 well plate in only 60 sec with 8 different liquids.

By using stainless steel, Teflon an silicone nearly every reactive is allowed. The most sensitive live cells (keratinocytes) survive to fast liquid handling.

Stirring mechanism guarantees an homogeneous cell or bead concentration during the whole dispensing process.

We have 3 sterilisation levels :

  • Liquid tank by bleach 8°
  • The whole print head is dismountable without any tool in less than 1 minute to be placed in a steam sterilisator at 135°C during 30 min
  • The waterproof cabined is designed to be rinsed with pure alcohol : inside contamination is avoided.

Your fingers are important therefore the security system locks immediately the machine in case of danger.

A single match stops the machine without breaking

Friendly user interface : Just put the mass you want in each well in an Excel sheet, the machine measures the liquid characteristics and calculates the parameters to deliver the right liquid quantity.

This way, viscosity, density and surface tension of used liquid don’t influence the delivered mass.



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